Picnic ACQUISITIONS specializes in providing all the elements of a spectacular gathering to ensure a memorable time for everyone. This fine art encompasses everything that defines perfection. Whether your event is a 40th birthday celebration or an engagement party, ACQUISITIONS will ensure your event is pure to detail and precision.

Leopard Room

Mask Christmas, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, Open House, Graduation. No matter what the occasion, you will want it to be memorable and a festive time for everyone. More often than not, an event has a predetermined theme, however, with a little imagination and creativity, everything can be sparked with new life and made uniquely yours.

STYLE. Are you Traditional or Modern? This will help to determine the overall look. Finally, a time plan is developed. Though not a rigid schedule, it is important to target the specifics, in order to ensure that the entertainment and caterer know what they can expect.

These are a few of the things ACQUISITIONS will assist you with in the planning process. Securing the knowledge and creativity of ACQUISITIONS, and having them guide the way, your special occasion is certain to delight.